In Ryazan, not far from the Kremlin found scattered human bones. Previously, they are more than a hundred years, or rather say the forensic examination.

Human remains on a steep slope near the Church of the Savior on Yar found by the passerby. About his discovery he reported to the police. To find out that the bones found at the walls of the Kremlin of Ryazan arrived police officers and criminologists SU TFR.

As told “RG” Deputy head of the Moscow mezhrayotdel at the Ryazan regional SU IC Alexander Anferov, according to a preliminary assessment, found the remains of more than a hundred years. Bones discovered on an embankment near Ryazan Kremlin. Somewhere in this place was once a cemetery at the Church. It can be assumed that the bones were exposed due to the gradual destruction of the mound.

– On the given fact conducted preliminary examination, as well as certain activities that will help to establish who the remains belong to men or women if there are any signs of violent death and other details. Appointed forensic medical examination, which will establish the age of bones found, – said Alexander Saparov.