Nadezhda Babkina decided to make a video after discharge from the hospital. The actress contracted the coronavirus that is due to self-medication had complications bilateral pneumonia. Babkina was in the ICU she was hooked up to a ventilator and she was in an induced coma. Her life literally fighting the best doctors of the country and they succeeded.

Recovery Babkina and her blooming appearance after the incident resulted in a decadent mood in the ranks of the Russians. As it turned out, many did not expect that the singer will recover. Too severe was her condition.

Babkina in the video looks thinner and younger. The commentators under her publishing to Instagram had doubts that the actress is really getting better from pneumonia. The impression that Babkina just got a boob job and enjoys a good result, sitting in the chic interiors of their house.

The Russians are worried that they will not get such treatment from doctors, which received Babkina and Lev Leshchenko. The people there are rumors that not everyone will have enough space for ventilation and all carefully follow the celebrities and to ordinary people doctors still. The authorities deny this fact, and Leshchenko previously claimed that was in the ordinary ward and treated him as to all.