A veteran of the great Patriotic war Vladimir Kuts showed reporters RT wristwatch, given to him by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

He said that the head of state personally presented the gift to him when they are in the delegation traveled to Normandy for the events dedicated to the opening of a Second front. Stubby took off the watch from your wrist and showed the engraving “from the President of Russia” on the back side of the dial.

Vladimir Terentyevich stubby participated in world war II as a Soviet and an American soldier. The hero is the only living military of the two armies. Has numerous military awards, including Purple heart (USA), awarded to American soldiers killed or wounded by enemy action.

Earlier there was a video of the emotional reactions of another veteran of the war with the Victory day parade in Moscow. He waved his fist during the speech of the President of Russia about the destruction of the Soviet Union the enemy forces.