WASHINGTON, may 13 — RIA Novosti. the U.S. Government has decided to withdraw from the warehouses and not to use Russian ventilators “Aventa-M” to determine the causes of fire in a hospital in St. Petersburg, according to the emergency management Agency (FEMA).

“In early April, Russia sent the United States a consignment of the medical equipment, including ventilators “Aventa-M”. At that time, new York, and new Jersey predicted acute shortage of the ventilator, so the machines were delivered to the warehouses, belonging to two States”, — stated in the message.

According to the Agency, as a result of the stabilization of the situation with coronavirus machines were not popular and were not deployed in hospitals, but they were kept in reserve in case of deterioration of the situation in new York, and new Jersey.

“as a precaution, States return the fans to FEMA. The results of the investigation conducted by Russian authorities in connection with a fire in St. Petersburg, will help us make the decision concerning any future use of the ventilator”, — stated in the message.