Medical authorities are the largest us cities recorded a spike in infections of the coronavirus after mass protests taking place in various States. According to The Wall Street Journal, to such conclusion the doctors came after the mass testing of participants in the demonstrations.

for example, in Minnesota, where thousands of people came out to protest after the murder of police officer George Floyd, the doctors examined more than 11 thousand people. It was found that the percentage infected among them was less than 1%. This information was confirmed by the head of the state Department of health Chris Ehresmann.

new York, which has also become one of the epicenters of the campaign Black lives matter mass testing revealed less than 3% of cases after the mass demonstrations. The number admitted to hospital in the city continued to decline.

No recorded outbreaks of coronavirus in Chicago and Seattle, where protesters took control of Central part of the city.

As indicated by the WSJ, citing experts, the lack of a large number of cases can be explained by several factors. first, given that the incubation period of coronavirus is up to 14 days, to talk about ways to avoid disease outbreaks early. secondly, many of the protesters are young people, most of whom carry the infection without symptoms and therefore not seek treatment. third, protests take place in open spaces where the chance of them being infected is not so high. In addition, many rioters wear masks for fear including police use of tear gas. Help activists and volunteers who provide them with gloves and antiseptics.

in Addition, it is unclear what leads to new infections: protests or cancellation of restrictive measures across the country despite the fact that every day in the U.S. reveal about 20 thousand cases of infection.

the United States, according to the Johns Hopkins University, ranked first in the number of infected. Since the beginning of the pandemic in the country became infected with 2.18 million people. More than 118 thousand died.