the United States has shown the test of the us military in the Pacific ocean laser weapon against drones. A video posted on YouTube channel USNI News Video.

the footage shows a ship on the nose which was placed installation. Also the video showed the laser (bright beam) which is directed along the surface of the water. After that, the unmanned aerial vehicle lights.

the Tests took place on 16 may on Board troop transport USS Portland near the base pearl Harbor. the Command of the us Pacific fleet said that the military has tested the so-called system of the solid-state laser weapons (Solid State Laser Weapons System Demonstrator).

In April 2019, the U.S. air force used a prototype ground-based laser system for the successful destruction of several missiles air-launched.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the development of a fighting laser complex in March 2018 during address to the Federal Assembly. According to the head of state, “the presence of such weapons systems in multiples extends the capabilities of Russia in the sphere of their security.”

In October 2018, the Director of the Center for analysis of world arms trade Igor Korotchenko said that the Russian military laser complex “Peresvet” effectively works against drones industrial and handicraft production only in “ideal conditions”.