WASHINGTON, may 24. /TASS/ — Russian Embassy in the US called Saturday edition of Bloomberg to apologize for the material contained in the Agency’s misinformation about the level of trust to President Vladimir Putin in Russia. This is stated in the message published on the Embassy page in Facebook.

“one gets the impression that the article in Bloomberg written to promote fake charts and create sustainable about visual images about the “negative dynamics” in Russia. This time the object of the fraud was the “ranking” of President Vladimir Putin,” — said the diplomat.

“the Editors of Bloomberg continues to show total disrespect for their readers. Probably, hoped that they won’t check the sources and you will not find a real level of trust — 67,9%,” — said the Embassy.

“Count on the honesty of the publisher. Urge to exercise professionalism and objectivity, to place the actual performance of the trust and to apologize to his audience for the disinformation”, — said Russian diplomats.

on Tuesday, Bloomberg made the edit to be published on his website material on the spread of the coronavirus in Russia after the Russian Embassy in Washington demanded a retraction.

the Embassy posted a message on his page in Facebook, which noted that the author of this publication swapped the statistical data from the world Bank (WB) on the number of hospital beds in Russia and in the countries of the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD). Now in the material dated may 19 stated that it had been made the edit. Changed was the signatures in the chart, which illustrates the data of the world Bank the number of hospital beds in Russia and OECD countries. About any changes in the text of the information is not given.

however, in Twitter, where they post links to more reviews of the Agency and abstracts, the schedule remained unchanged.

In a statement the Russian Embassy in the United States emphasized that the editors of Bloomberg “descended to outright fraud.”

may 16, Bloomberg corrected the title of his material is dated 13 may, which caused criticism of the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. Original version — “the Experts want to know why the coronavirus killed more Russian” was changed to “the Experts have questioned the Russian data on mortality due [caused by coronavirus diseases] COVID-19”.