This is the post is clearly deep in the Pro-League last week, has decided to take the competition to stop it. President Aleksander Ceferin is that the board of directors of the post on here are always say, it would have had to have it. “The decision to submit the post and it is the only appropriate procedure.”

Ceferin would be mainly on the principle of solidarity. Prior to Belgium, went to be with the decision to have the league shut down, the post and all members are invited to the competition, not to end it. Sunday it was holding the top of the Belgian football association, a crisisoverleg on the matter with the European champions.

Ceferin has made its position in the Slovenian media:“I have been in contact with the Belgian champions and they will realize that they went wrong. They also have their own worries and problems. But it is the only right procedure is that they first bring the matter before the union, that the board of directors can consider. Otherwise, you can’t do it”, he says.

“No scenario in which Liverpool did not win the championship, it is”

In the domestic sports Ekipa that Ceferin then again in the other direction. He alluded to the possible early ending of the European leagues. In such a case, each country will have a champion need to identify. The English title may be, Liverpool will not be more so. Now that the ball is no longer rolling in, the Premier League and with the season finally coming to an end, fear of some of the Liverpool fans, which was the first championship since 1990, has been cancelled. Ceferin thinks it does not have to be made.

“When the contest resumes, and, almost certainly, the title says Ceferin. “ in the league, have finally ceased to be, we need criteria to find the that we will the champions be able to identify. And even then, it is the Liverpool champion. I don’t see any scenario in which Liverpool is not for the English champion could have been.”

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“of course I can’t promise that, ” he continued. “It will all depend on the security. We must not compromise with the situation.”

the first title in thirty years, it is so very, very close. Are Divock Origi and co. than the champion of an empty Anfield if it is decided to make it without the fans will be able to play? The opportunity exists. “Yes, yes, that would be a lot of fans as a disappointment and feel like. In the same way as the club to play champions, but I do think that Liverpool are in the title, is given. In one way or the other.”

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