now, N-VA mep Lorin Parys, and Was From the Peel, put in a keyword for a case of domestic violence, following in the footsteps of, among others, in France. In practice, it would be someone who is at home, and in need of help at the chemist’s as a “screen and 19” may be ordered, as a signal to the chemist’s to get the police to the home address of the person to send it in.

Experts have moved earlier, to sound the alarm: stay at home is not for everyone, is evident at the coronacrisis. The stress and anxiety that is associated with the impact of the pandemic and the fact that the members of the family are much more likely than normal to each other, work with family violence is in their hands.

“We’ll worry about who’s today and, during the quarantine, and in need of help, for the sake of intrafamiliaal of violence, but difficult to sound an alarm” said Loris Parys, and She is home, a Flemish member of parliament and Member of parliament for N-VA. That’s why they have a code word for, ‘the mask 19’, following in the footsteps of France and Spain’s Canary Islands. People will be able to be there, a mask 19’ is available at the pharmacy. That last answer is that the masks need to be ordered, and the victim of his, her or its address, must be left behind. The pharmacist will be able to the police immediately and address of the person playing.

“It is very important that during this period of isolation, victims of domestic violence, and as many opportunities as possible to help,” says Parys. “Not everyone can be undisturbed and make a call or access on-line help. Pharmacists will be able to survive the crisis, however, remains open and accessible. Therefore, they play an important role in the eradication of domestic violence.”

as a Member of parliament for Peel is calling on the federal ministers of public Health, Maggie De Block (Open VLD), and of the Economy, and the Work of Nathalie Muylle CD&V). in order for the system across the country to be run. “The more this system is, the better it can be helped.”

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