By June 1, the number of victims of coronavirus in the United States will double to 3 million victims a day. It is reported by The New York Times with reference to the administration of President Donald trump.

the Projections are based on data from Center for control and prevention of diseases. In addition, it is noted that every day in the U.S. will identify about 200 thousand new cases of infection — now the country’s record of 25 thousand infected per day.

Earlier, trump gave a new forecast for the number of victims of coronavirus in the United States.

According to him, the country can die 100 of thousands of patients with the coronavirus, which is significantly higher compared to its previous forecast. “We will lose from 75-80 up to 100 thousand people”, — said trump, calling it a “terrible situation.”

In mid-April, trump announced that the peak of the epidemic of coronavirus in the United States is passed, and later predicted the level of mortality in the range of 60-65 thousand people.

the Total number of people infected with coronavirus, the world has close to 3.5 million people, of whom about one-third of those infected are in the US. In the country died 67,7 thousand people, thousands more 180,2 recovered.