Musician Andrei Makarevich has put the list of those to whom urgent “should kneel”, “not yet started”. The list he published in his Facebook.

In the list of leader of group “the time Machine” thirteen points.

Makarevich believes that the Egyptians have to apologize to the Jews, the Spaniards “to kneel” before the Indians, the British – before the people of India, the French in front of the Africans, poles – Ukrainians, the Japanese over the Chinese, and Turks for the Armenians.

Also, according to the musician, an apology from the descendants of the landowners deserve the descendants of serfs and the descendants of revolutionaries need to genuflect before the descendants of the landowners.

“the descendants of the Horde – before the descendants of Russian principalities, the descendants of the armies of Ivan the terrible – before citizens of Kazan the descendants of the order of the red Rose – in front of the White descendants. And Vice versa. The inhabitants of Easter island: short-eared descendants before descendants of a long-eared. The list is far from complete, but the General direction is clear, right?” – asked Andrey Makarevich.

Rambler wrote that earlier Andrei Makarevich in an interview with “Deutsche Welle” said that irritated him in Russia, that “the court turns to tyranny, the TV in the trash”, and sometimes “triumph of aggressive incompetence and mediocrity”.