Working in a home office is for me as a freelancer not a consequence of the Corona Shutdown, but the normal case. And so I have also been intensive contact to a professional group: the courier drivers: whenever I open a day at home spend at least three cure the door.

I Think, in principle, not bad, Writing is sometimes a little lonely to Work, and there is me every opportunity for some human-to-human exchange welcome. However, the conversations at the door are usually nice but one-sided.

after all, who travels with us packages, generally speaks no English. I look at the cars with which the couriers are on the road, there is the presumption that most are not directly employed in the courier services, for which you have to follow. And I have an idea of how badly they are paid and social security. Book recommendation (display)

“consumer compass: What you really need to know about plastic packaging, new Zealand, apples & co. – a Good and sustainable life not be complicated” by Katarina Schickling

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services at dumping prices

That foreigners do the Work for us, less qualified, is not new. But for decades this worked out so that these people lived in our midst, that is, Jobs where language skills were not as crucial, served as an introduction to the company.

That also the families of these Low-wage workers lived here, went to school, opportunities for advancement, had. Due to the border closures as a result of the Corona-crisis is obvious how radically this has changed.

Who done the dirty work, or the activities of which are immensely important for our Survival – care of the elderly, field work, delivery of goods – the us, as a society, but not enough value to pay you decently, the need to commute. Over long distances.

We take into account that families torn apart to be

Because the wages for all this Work are so low that a family only feed when they are not in expensive Germany lives, but somewhere in the Ukraine or in Bulgaria. We store all the segments of our economy to these cheap labourers, and accept that families are torn apart and a decent life, barely there.

When I worked in the 90s for the show Focus TV, we had a very touching Film about the everyday life of a truck driver in the program. A German. To find the one that was not so difficult, many drivers at that time were German.

a similar Reportage films wanted to As a group of journalists to students recently, they met at the rest areas along the highways exclusively to Romanians and Bulgarians. Values of existences, week-long criss-cross through Europe on the way to not talk for so little money, that it is not time for the use of the showers ranged from a Night in a real bed, like you would actually, since the 2017 requirement, even complain. < / h3> Reported corona virus cases in Germany (click on your state)

food shortages due to crop failures?

On many Internet portals, farmers are just looking desperate for auxiliary forces in Bavaria, the helper, the sting asparagus or the wires for the hops, margins are missing currently, for example. Most of the courtyards have worked with for many years, our forces together, the week arrived for such a Work, mainly from Eastern Europe. Also in agriculture the minimum wage is, since 2020 is the 9,35 in the month.

However, the work of seasonal workers is not subject to social insurance contributions when you work a maximum of 70 days in a year – an important cost factor. Because of the closed borders, these employees are now lacking on time, alone in Germany, for example, 300000.

the situation in the agriculture is particularly dramatic

Nice, if now unemployed Gastro-employees or students to help out. And, it is also a Chance, if farmers and their customers directly into the conversation. Because it is precisely in the agricultural sector is particularly dramatic, where the race leads to still more favourable food bargain in the discounters – especially in conventional agriculture, the farms often work not even at cost price.

I was a few years ago for a rotation in the case of a farmer who sells his milk to Zott, then the number 7 on the German market. He had calculated, from which the price of all of his costs would be covered, including an hourly rate for him, the equivalent of the minimum wage: 47 cents per Liter. In fact, he got to this point in time, 27 cents… Can we really want to seriously, that the Produce of our food is a kind of paid Hobby?

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We are part of the system

are read, We are part of this system: We can buy these products. We make use of these services. We find it completely normal that we get things for free, delivered free to your door. And it is not only citizens of other States who work in their family home through. Nursing, care of the elderly, children, education, retail – remarkable that all of the professions that are now referred to as “system-relevant”, are located in the low-wage sector.

Is it not a shame that thousands of cashiers, an elderly care nurse or emergency service employees, despite a full-time body in addition to the Hartz IV because their income is not sufficient to cope with the cost of living?

Regional food – Yes! But the us can something not be worth

change To the wage structure in many areas of the service sector, the imbalance is now, thanks to the Corona-Shutdown, particularly, obviously, we as consumers immediately. On our way to shop but. We consumers are a lot more powerful than we often realize. And I hope that we will make these benefits much more often. Product recommendation (display)

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If we may eventually shopping in the hopefully not-too-distant future, back to normal, then we should pull out of the Corona of crisis an important lesson: It is good, if a big part of what we want to eat, is produced in us. It is important that the people who produce the food are paid decently. So we should reward those that do it well: grow sustainably, the animals animal to hold fair, transparent, and landscape-caring economies. By buying their Goods, at fair prices. #Corona care: Germany helps – FOCUS Online

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you Better get shopping – how does that work?

there are a few rules that just work, and the immediately much better:

  • Only shop there, where on the other side of the Counter is someone who can tell you about the Goods and their development
  • The fewer stations between the producer and the customers, the better
  • The less processed products are, the more accurately we can assess, what are we
  • buy, actually, but most important to us. We should go to the manufacturers much more to the nerve. Follow this up. In the case of the dairy call and find out where the milk actually purchased and at what price for the farmers. The juice manufacturers questions whether he refers to the Apples for concentrate from China. Or the Noodle maker, what kind of attitude the eggs come.

    With our consumer decisions we make policy every day. And we should take advantage of!

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