Publicist Alexander Nevzorov called the “Immortal regiment” sample “purely Russian logic” and said that in fact the procession symbolises the triumph of death. New edition of “Nestorovska environment” published on his YouTube channel.

Nevzorov said that the portraits of the participants of “Immortal regiment” we need to put the red circles to denote those who have died because of “mediocrity and stupidity of the Soviet command.”

“Call of organized transportation portraits absolutely guaranteed dead people “Immortal regiment” this is just a sample of purely Russian logic. This procession demonstrates the absolute triumph of death, mostly, terrible death. Whose wild fancy for some it is a symbol of immortality,” he said.

Nevzorov called “digging and solemn pronosco dead” is part of many “savage cult” – oriented special homage to the ancestors and the belief that ancestors can somehow affect their lives.

How to write “Rambler”, Nevzorov also spoke about the situation with friends, pozarowski sausages at the “Eternal flame over the grave of workers and sailors” in Kronstadt.

He said that this memorial is not related to the great Patriotic war and under it lie the sailors, who participated in the overthrow of the government. After that, the writer Zakhar Prilepin said that Nevzorov was crazy or “sold his soul to Satan”, and so began the “fun” over the shrines.