In 2020 preventive off the hot water in Moscow will be from 1 July to 31 Aug for more than 14 days. This instruction relevant agencies gave the Governor of the region Andrei Vorobyov. To learn about the terms, write a complaint and request residents of the area can use the electronic service.As told Deputy Chairman of the government of the region Evgeny hromushin in Moscow launched an interactive map of the timing of disconnection of hot water. It displays the entire housing stock of the region, more than fifty-three thousand apartment houses. For convenience, it is possible to search by municipalities, streets and house numbers.Using the card, you can subscribe to notifications about planned outages. Will receive messages for the month, week and day before the trip. We will also be able to file a complaint.”An important component of this process is to timely inform the population and convenience of the resource, so the development of the map we took into account the opinion of the Association the superintendent, who took a direct part in its development”, — said hromushin.In the case of poor service provision, for example, if there is no heat, using the card you will also be able to apply. The appeal will go to the administration of the municipality.