In the Moscow region after the last shower were flooded about 165 suburban areas, also suffered ten country houses in the districts of Krasnogorsk and Istra. This was told Deputy chief of GU of EMERCOM of Russia in the region Sergei War, reports the Agency “Moscow”.

According to him, many of these areas, and buildings are located in the lowlands, because of what the owners of these houses have risks to suffer during heavy rains. He also noted that rescued and evacuated from the field 25 people.

In the village of Nakhabino recorded 24 with the flooding. It is specified that the water level in the rivers has increased and now is about meters. According to local residents, they had rather to pull together to save the animals and flee from their homes in order not to be blocked during the flood, according to the publication Life Shot in his Telegram channel.

The government of the Moscow region stated that all the victims will be placed in hotels and Inns.

28 may it was reported that the Russians predicted a cold snap in the first day of summer. The deteriorating weather may 1 June on the territory of the European part of the country. The temperature will drop to 8-9 degrees, despite the fact that the rest of the week the thermometer will show 20-23 degrees.

However, the following weekend, June 6 and 7, in Moscow there will come a climatic summer, said the weatherman. Thursday, June 4, “the thermometer will storm the 20-degree elevation, and the following weekend in Sunny conditions and warm weather will come the present summer climate in the daylight hours plus 20-25 and higher.”