a Student with disabilities, which in the exam in one of the capital’s schools were forced to wear hearing AIDS, decided not to appeal, although he had every right to be. As confirmed by “MK” in Rosobrnadzor, the graduate still passed the exam on the Russian language. Meanwhile, the city Prosecutor’s office of Moscow has started checking violations of the rights of the child, most likely, will have to answer to the organizers who confused the apparatus with the transmitting device. But education officials apologized to parents and Teens.

“In the course of check – promised on 7 July the head of the press service of the Metropolitan Prosecutor Lyudmila Nefedova, – will assess compliance with the requirements of the Federal legislation on education and protection of the rights of minors with disabilities. The results if there are grounds to be considered is the adoption of response measures”.

Conclusion prosecutors are still ahead, and in Rosobrnadzor the actions of the organizers of the exam in relation to the boy’s hearing has already declared redundant:

– test for children with disabilities — always address history, and to solve it we must address – said “MK” in the Department.- In this case, the officials were overzealous and didn’t pay enough attention to this child. Meanwhile, in its documents, has clearly indicated that he is entitled to extra exam time in the amount of one and a half hours. And it definitely means that he belonged to the category of children with disabilities, and therefore entitled to special conditions.

Indeed, until February 1, said the head of Department Igor Kruglinski, “all graduates are applying to participate in the exam, which shall include, if necessary, special conditions for the exam. This was done in this case. So officials were being vigilant. If they considered it insufficient indication in the documents, it was necessary to seek clarification and confirmation school, where he studied this boy, or his escort, and thus to make sure that it is, indeed, a hearing aid — standard equipment necessary for the participant to comfortably pass the exam, and not as a device that receives and transmits signals from the outside, and not malice”.

All this, unfortunately, was not done. However, the boy, despite the injustice of the adults still passed the exam and even how stressed Kruglinski, “has not appealed according to the procedure (although we had the just cause and the right – approx. ed)”. “Hopefully, he’ll get his deserved points and become the University which wanted to act”,- summed up the official.

However, the result at the moment announced only to the victim, a graduate, and not to take away his hearing aid organizers and lettersnew. As it became known “MK”, joined the Department of education and science. He nachalstvu over all the teachers of the capital will decide the fate of an overly zealous organizers of the exams.

At the moment, as found “MK”, the management Agency only contacted the family of the victim and brought a verbal apology to the parents of the boy and himself. However, an official investigation has not been completed, and draw conclusions in relation to erring employees PPE (points of examination) is yet to come.

– Well, who’s decided to leave the machine or not? The teacher, unable to distinguish the hearing aid from the bug! Well, what they can be demand? Then PPE should be a specialist who understands this difference, – said the “MK” head of Society of protection of the rights of citizens in education Viktor Panin.

– however, in General, of course, the incident is a blatant violation of the rights of minors with disabilities, the human rights activist stressed.- I think that the prosecution will certainly reveal in their actions abuse of power and it will end up fine. And, perhaps, not only against individuals but also to legal — PPE.