When a friend lost to the pandemic a job analyst in a large Corporation, told me that he had arranged “a devoted reader”, I decided that she was joking. But happy with my employment lady confirms his words by reference to other at first sight strange jobs that appeared on the search portals are working together with the lifting of restrictions. “You’re funny, but they really help the unemployed! I think that the types of employment, which need creative perseverance is the future!”

after Receiving the coveted list, call it up with a delusional view of the jobs were really real.

My friend Anna explains that “creative perseverance” is the main trend postcoronary of the labour market. With it the employee is capable of intricate and light to carry with a kind of routine and not creative work. For example, the responsibilities of Anna from now on include writing admiring comments on all resources and social networks that mentions the name of her new employer, a young writer engaged in the promotion of its name.

Receive 50 thousand rubles per month “loyal reader” is required to track any mention of your author in the sponsored Network and to engage in a heated debate with anyone who thinks to criticize his works, which you need to thoroughly examine his work. Anna work a young science fiction writer, of course, not really my thing… But here comes to the aid of the vaunted “creative perseverance”. “It’s not much more boring than the numbers in the reports!” she says, in the past, economic analyst.

– before a pandemic, tired of office routine, was interested in non-standard work, – says the Manager of an employment Roman, specializing in unusual positions. – Many activities only mean “cushy” and really require not only notorious creative perseverance, but also remarkable energy and self-irony. For example, before the pandemic was a popular work, “the tester apartments”: luxury hotels and the travel Agency has employed a man whose job was to spend the day in the hotel room and in a detailed report to assess the quality of service in all areas. Demand and staff unit “professional foreigner,” her image in order to opened some Russian firms. To do this, however, need a foreign language loose enough to portray the events of a foreign partner… But pandemic all of these specialties froze – now no tourism or foreigners. But they were replaced by a new one.

On the same site where I found a job Anna, you find a similar job, but only for men: “it takes the delighted reader”. Its description is: “expression and delight to read the book “the Sleeping beauty. Awakening. The way to yourself.” Author Elena MAcat. Schedule: 2 hours 3 times a week from 19.00 to 22.00. The salary of 30 thousand rubles/month.”

Requirements to the candidate: “Non-empathic, sincere. Required: a beautiful, well trained voice, good looks, athletic physique and competent speech. Call for details”.

the call Manager is responsible Elena. Pretend wife, alopecosa for remaining unemployed husband.

– We need a man who truly loves women and knows how to admire them – warns me Manager. – Not every wife would like the working husband! Work have to read exclusively female audience. In the event you must do at least three sincere compliments each woman present. The task of the employee – that after the reading, each visitor felt the beauty and her self-esteem and confidence increased.

– Your “the delighted reader” needs to read the same book?!

– Yes, but different female audiences. We plan to hold read-only for women in different places and even cities. Therefore, it is important that the candidate was not married or that his wife was no objection to his employment. By the way, for every 10 new students, which “the delighted reader” will lead to our reading, he will get a bonus salary.

Turn to jobs that do not have a gender preference. For example, “protiratel points” can be any gender, but would be neat.

“Moscow, M. Academic, incomplete working day, z/p from 40 000 rubles/month, registration by the labour code with a piece-rate or hourly – reads the job description. Requirements: higher education, cleanliness, diligence, thoroughness, and intelligence”.

Yes, wipe the glasses is me! – meets specified under the vacancy number, a male voice. My name is Cyril, I’m the Director of the online store sunglasses and wooden frames. We really need protiratel points, since every point is sent to the purchaser should look perfect, and existing staff do not have time to wipe them regularly with special products. We have a lot of items and trips, therefore we decided to hire a protiratel for a permanent job part-time.

How is the working day of protiratel?

every day at 9 a.m. should arrive at the warehouse online store and wipe 150-200 pairs of glasses. The working day lasts until all scheduled party won’t Shine. The work shall be the clerk. If he finds stains or fingerprints, protirelin penalty. Also possible trips in Moscow and the Moscow region for the care of sunglasses our customers on the spot.

– that They, themselves can not clean your eyeglasses?!

– We have a proprietary cleaning recipe designed specifically for nyour points. Love protirelin paid for separately. And within salary, in their free time wiping, the officer shall also promptly reply to messages direct to our Instagram, repost the stories and publish the reviews of clients who are satisfied with our products.

in summary If you qualify, you will be invited for an interview. The training is free.

what interview? And what training?!

– In the interview / practical test. We will ask you something to wipe and everything about you will understand. And free training, our corporate psychologist will teach you to perceive your laborious duties as jewelry work not to feel anger and even have fun.