a Lump sum of 10 000 rubles promised for children from 3 to 16 years old, excited about all the parents of the country – known mother also did not remain aloof from controversial issues. Actress, athlete and socialite spoke about the benefits for children. Some were satisfied with the amount, others felt that in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the children are more expensive than those who live in the regions.

the Famous actress Olga Pavlovets, mother of two sons, says that he never resorted to the help of the state. The star initially did not even planned to use the payments, but, on reflection, decided to experience what it’s like to receive a lump sum. Like many Russians, the first day after the announcement of the payments, apply for the allowance for Olga failed.

–my oldest son can get benefits, he’s 9 and the youngest 2.5 years, he was under the lump-sum payment in the amount of 5 thousand rubles, it seems, also falls, – says Olga with “MK”.

– have You already tried to submit the online application on benefits, online government Services?

– of Course, but how? As soon as our President ordered to pay back the money, I immediately went to the site, but it didn’t work (laughs). Apparently, all rushed to apply, here is the website and could not stand the load.

–This help is very important for You now?

– of Course. Payments will be useful to all without exception.

the first time resort to the help of the state?

– to be honest, Yes. I had somehow lightly to this approach, does not apply to any child benefits. But after the birth of the younger child, thought, “Give me and I will deal with these issues”. Paperwork and will get what I’m owed according to the law. The only thing that confused: all this fuss with the documents feed, it is so problematic… But why is the pandemic not to take advantage of this opportunity?

some more government assistance you received?

I even took humanitarian aid in terms of food. The younger son in kindergarten was given rations packs with produktami. At school the eldest son is also the power given.

– something used of these products?

– Here are five liters of milk that was given, very useful. I mess children for the second week boil this milk (laughs). Why not?

the Famous figure skater and master of sports of international level Anastasia Grebenkina also decided to apply for a grant for a 10-year-old son.

I’m primarily a mother, and that is known to man… For it does not give an allowance – beginning Anastasia. – To apply I will.

many parents encounter problems when feeding.

Oh, I have not yet started making (laughs), but it is scary! I hope the technical delays will understand.

– the amount of benefit you like?

– Understand the business… beggars can’t be choosers. The country was in such economic crisis, something to discuss, this amount normal or not, not my rules. I –athlete and complain, of course, will not: little me me a lot? Thank and I’ll keep thinking how to live. The time is now difficult, I Amateur figure skating school, all the coaches were left without work. So it is very difficult for everyone.

the issue of payment joined in a well-known socialite, singer and just a mom Alena Kravets. According to her, 10 thousand roubles on one child – a little.

– the Announced payout for children 3-16 years somehow similar to direct aid to people after the promised payments on 5 thousand roubles for young children – early Alena. We are all now in the same position, is difficult for everyone, regardless of their financial position and social status, so all of the aid from the government must be shared! How did government, such as the U.S.”

– How did the US authorities?

– For $1200 to every citizen! And we the government have provided themselves – every man for himself, vykarabkivaetsya as you want! After all, we always promised that the state reserves established for a “rainy day” – so here it is, the rainy day has come! We are at war with an invisible insidious enemy! From the first days of the quarantine, the people of the country are waiting for help from the native state, and it is almost there! For 5 and 10 thousand rubles for children – the right measure, but is not enough.

well-Known designer and mother of many children Mila Marcel on the one hand pleased with the measures taken by the government, but on the other believes that the amount of the lump sum is not quite correct. .

is Pleased that the government came out with an initiative to support the families in quarantine. But as usual in Russia worked the position of “egalitarianism” –said Mila. – First, I am embarrassed that for all ages of children from 3 to 16 years have the same amount. Secondly, the fact that is not considered a region. We know that the maintenance of the child in the Central cities of Russia, for example, in Moscow, is very different from the maintenance of the child in regions.

do You think that in the centre of the allowance should be higher?

I Think so. And food prices and the cost of maintenance of the child tell us about it directly. For 10 000 rubles in the region for child, you can do quite a lot. For Moscow or St. Petersburg this amount will not be enough. The same applies to age. I, as a designer, can give you a simple example, if we pay attention to the price of children’s clothing, we can see that the clothing for 3 year old child is cheaper than the same garment designed for 5-6 year old child. That is, the price increases according to the age of the child. The same goes for food, a mother notices that the child is three years old eats much�� a smaller portion than a child in 12 or 15 years. In my opinion, it is also necessary to take into account and make the payment more useful and competent.

– You’ve already made this payment?

I have not passed this procedure. But from past experience of using public Services, I can say that it is quite a handy resource. I hope that this time it will be also to work well.

To our discussion of payments to children 3 to 16 years and joined the men. Actor Sergey Kolesne, whose two adult children wondered why the payouts can be received only by those who are not yet 17 years old.

– my children are grown, so for me this question is not relevant. But any money is always important, – said Sergey. – I think it will be a good help for families. I’m not an economist, so I can’t judge the capabilities of the state. I do not understand why children under 16 years of payments? After all, young children to pass exams, to earn it is difficult. And for 16-17 year olds sometimes need more financial costs.

Alexander Savelyev singer, the leader of the group “Savignac” I am confident that 10 thousand rubles is quite adequate assistance from the government.

– My younger son falls under the category of children who are entitled to payment from the state and I will benefit from this assistance, – says Alexander. – I understand that for some, this payment may seem small, but I am sure that the government calculates the situation with the view of the future and depending on that allocate the money. In any case, thank you for your concern.

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