Actor Alex Lemar, who became famous after the role of charismatic goshi in the TV series “Univer”, announced his divorce. For fans, this news was shocking. But recently his relationship with Marina Melnikova seemed ideal.

A crowd favorite once saw his wife in a documentary about a yoga instructor who travels around the world. He was so fascinated with her that he began to look for her on the Internet. Found, came to her home in Kiev, and conquered her heart. In 2015, the pair signed, noting also the event according to the Vedic and Tibetan traditions. After being Gavrilov, Alexey even changed her last name to Lemar, which consists of its name (Le-Alex) and beloved (MA – Marina). In 2018, the year they was born the heir named Solomon.

“I’m grateful for my son and thousands of moments of happiness. Let’s now go the way of the friends and mom and dad, if as a couple we caught in bad weather,” wrote in a personal blog of an artist.


we Have @marina_lemar was great the weekend we managed to visit many children’s educational sites to go to the movies, walk in parks, go to a petting zoo and even visit the opening of the KHL from the heart to cheer for your favourite CSKA vs Avangard, and the son first attended a hockey stadium and a little afraid of the noise of the fans, but tonight we will finish arms when watching a family movie, because already tomorrow I’ll fly to ВЭФ2019 by as much as 5 days and will miss our small, close-knit family. #LeMarFamily #mastercard #bestsennaya #LeMarUniverse

Publish from Alexey Gavrilov (Lemar) (@alexey_lemar) 1 Saint 2019 11:06 PDT

Marina announced on social networks that he loves Alexis and stays with him in a decent relationship. Their decision – not an emotional and balanced, they will try to remain good parents to the child, for what have therapy. Nothing specific about the reasons for the divorce, the couple said.

“there will be no details and rinses underwear,” warned the girl.