the Spanish basketbalcompetitie SCL will resume in the Canary Islands? On the 20th of april, know about Sam Van Rossom (Valencia), and five of the Belgian Lion, or the season will resume, or finally to stop.

In the Spanish ACB, will, after the NBA is the best league in the world, playing for no less than six of the Belgian Lions: Sam Van Rossom (Valencia), Kevin Tumba (Murcia), Pierre-Antoine Gillet (Access), Quentin Serron (Bilbao), Maxime De Zeeuw (World) and Manu Lecomte (Gran Canaria). Since march 7, has been in the league for the sake of the corona disease outbreak in the “on hold” will be placed in it. On the 20th of april, and the League decides whether or not the league will resume, or finally to stop. One approach has been to 16 out of 18 teams in a play-off in the Canary Islands, and a behind-closed-doors work. Tenerife and Gran Canaria are two of the subtop in the Spanish ACB, and the two islands have been less affected by the corona virus. On the 20th of april, therefore, of the verdict. In the course of the next week and a decision is expected in the Spanish League Femenina. Jana Raman (Valencia), is a partner of Sam Van Rossom and Heleen Nauwelaers (Bembibre) are two of the Belgian Cats are running in all of Spain.