the truck driver from Voss was at work on the way to Trondheim. The first easter Sunday he was going over the Mountains.

He had heard that the mountain pass would open in the morning. So he went to the boom to add on the chain and be ready to drive further.

When he took it he saw in peripheral vision and another truck coming at full speed towards him. The foreign driver was standing on the bremsane, but was on its way right into the he.

AFRAID: Vegard Rogne fear for his life in the Mountains. He says he hits trucks not egnar on Norwegian roads almost every day in their job.

Photo: Private Believed he was going to die

I looked death in the kvitauget, for I had no fluktmoglegheit. I tried frantically to wiggle his arms and shout to the driver: “the release breaks!”, explains Rogne.

In the truck to Rogne sat the five year old son who was with my dad at work.

The only one I thought of was how he would react when he saw his father jammed between the two køyretøya, ” says Rogne.

the Driver, who came from Turkey, understood the signal and pulled the brakes. Then sailed he in place in hengaren on the truck to Rogne.

Engaged on social media

Trailersjåføren was on its way to the Middle-Norway with goods for the AKVA Group. Rogne explains that the car had solid tyres almost without pattern and no kjettingar available.

Rogne let out a video on Facebook that’s been shared nearly 3,000 times.

SHARED ON FACEBOOK: This video la Rogne out on Facebook. En is the set of several ten thousand times and shared nearly 3,000 times. You need javascript to see the video.

SHARED ON FACEBOOK: This video la Rogne out on Facebook. En is the set of several ten thousand times and shared nearly 3,000 times.

In the comments, many have thrown themselves at. Rogne says the Turkish driver is not responsible.

ENGAGED: Mail Rogne let out on Facebook have engaged in very many.

Photo: Screenshot

the Last time he saw snow was on the Discovery Channel. He had never been in Norway, not norwegians had ordered he, says yrkessjåføren.

Prayer to transportkjøparar

Vegard Rogne think Norwegian transportkjøparar is they who must take responsibility for ensuring the tryggleiken on the Norwegian roads.

Norges Lastebileier Association is quite einig. Guttorm Tysnes, regionleiar in the Interior, says this has been a problem a long time, but it’s been worse in the koronakrisa.

We have gotten messages that it’s me new foreign company you do not have a set here, which will have worse equipment than those who have been here before. They’ll have the bigger problem in winter conditions, he says.

POORLY SHOD: Here’s a deck to the Turkish truck.

Photo: Vegard Rogne / Private

He says they often have solid tyres that are made to drive well on the carriageway, and not works on snow.

According to Tysnes, shows the public roads administration’s statistics that there is clearly more ulukker with foreign trucks than the Norwegian on the roads here.

– There is no doubt that transportkjøparane must take greater responsibility.

a request: Guttorm Tysnes in Norway Lastebileier Association asks transportkjøparar choose a Norwegian transport company.

Photo: Halvor Mykleby – Taking distance

The Turkish driver had the goods for the company AKVA Group, which is a verdsomspennande supplier to the fish farming.

Director of AKVA Group-Land Based Norway, Stein Lorentzen says there was a Danish søsterbedrift who ordered exactly this transport. The company uses speditørar, who take the job of transport and logistics, and it is they that fixes themselves are the truck and the driver.

– Except that I have confirmed it, as there is a Norwegian freight forwarder that is used. Why they have used a foreign carrier, I can’t answer, ” says Lorentzen.

TAKING the DISTANCE: a Stone Lorentzen takes distance from that foreign trailerar that is not shod for the conditions drive on Norwegian roads.

Photo: Private

He was even contacted by the driver, Vegard Rogne, after the incident in the Mountains. After that Lorentzen had been in contact with them that working with the transportation group.

– I take strong distance from that foreign trailerar come here and not shod for the conditions. We may not be aware that such things happen and come to make measures to prevent it forward and add føringar for what we expects, ” says the director.