And named it in honor of “Twitter”.

In the isolation of scientific work of many researchers suspended, but some of them continue to make scientific discoveries even in social networks.

the Biologist Ana Sofia in nevogilde, from the National Museum of natural history in Denmark I saw on Twitter of his colleagues from the United States Derek Hennen photo North American millipedes.

“I noticed on the surface of the millipedes something like a fungus. Still nothing like the American centipedes did not notice. So I went to my employee and showed him the picture. We ran into the Museum’s collection and began to dig”, — quotes the words of biologist

As it turned out, these fungi have not yet been described. Scientists have named a new species Troglomyces twitteri. He belongs to the order Laboulbeniales, and the amazing insects.

“to our knowledge, this is the first case when a new species was discovered on Twitter,” says in nevogilde.

Anna Lysenko

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