In Russia for the treatment of people infected with coronavirus first applied hyperbaric oxygenation — delivering oxygen into the plasma with increased pressure. Using the new method, it enters the body in full.

In Russia, patients with coronavirus were first treated with hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO). The experimental methodology used in the Institute of emergency care named after N. V. Sklifosovsky, according to the website of the Moscow mayor.

When LPG oxygen is delivered to plasma at an elevated atmospheric pressure, so that enters the body in full. Therefore, this method works better than others, for example, the flow of oxygen through the mask, the report said.

the Expert noted that treatment with LPG is carried out in combination with other therapy.

In scientific research Institute of experimental methods tested for 25 people infected with coronavirus, which received 108 barosanu. After HBO patients improves overall health, decreases dyspnea and increases the amount of oxygen in the blood, specified in the message. “In addition, hyperbaric oxygen enhances the action of antiviral and antibacterial therapy, and also reduces side effects,” — added in it.

LPG is usually used in the treatment of patients who received traumatic brain injury, and in the recovery period after a complicated neurosurgical operations. The Moscow method is also used for treatment of inflammations, viral diseases, rehabilitation after strokes and vascular diseases and for the treatment of patients with diabetes and diabetic foot to improve circulation.

has registered 441,1 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus, from the data of the operational headquarters. Most cases revealed Moscow — 189,2 thousand Since the beginning of the pandemic in the capital died 2749 people, 94,7 thousand patients have recovered.