Mysterious trajectory set of experts in a deadlock.

Analysts who study data security over ships found off the coast of San Francisco in the USA ghosts.

Bjorn Bergman from SkyTruth and Global Fishing Watch tracked nine boats with strange coordinates, according to Newsweek. They transmitted signals that are near the Cape of point Reyes to Northwest from the city, while actually sailed thousands of miles from this place.

According to the SOLAS Convention 74/88 all commercial vessels of certain size are required to have a transmitter AIS (Automatic identification system) and transmit your coordinates.

last year, Bergman has noticed similar cases in China. Then it turned out that AIS was deliberately hacked. Sometimes do vessels engaged in illegal fishing. He began to look for traces of such break-ins and other regions.

But what exactly are trying to hide the ships, supposedly floating San Francisco, remains to be seen. Perhaps we are talking about failure: a circular path of ships so strange that they are unlikely to somebody “drew” deliberately.

Anna Lysenko

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