“the Technical mission the mission of the flight to the asteroids is not provided. However, the flight can be made in the composition of the asteroid (interplanetary) complex as well as mission to Mars,” said Hamic. However, he recalled that one of the main tasks of the ship “eagle” – provision of manned missions to the moon. In addition, the specification provides for the transportation of crews aboard the International space station.

Recall, manned the ship “eagle”, built in Russia for use in the lunar program, the first flight without crew scheduled for 2023 at Vostochny, and 2028 planned to start the flights to the moon.

In accordance with the terms of reference regular crew of the ship “eagle” is four, Autonomous flight vehicle takes up to three days to near-earth orbital station or up to ten days to the moon. And it is possible to perform Autonomous flight in near-earth space with the crew size two persons for 30 days. Hamic said that the free volume per crew member is 2.3 cubic metres, which is two times higher than the characteristics of the Soyuz spacecraft. The living chamber has a zone designed to implement the domestic needs of the crew: food, recreation, sanitary-hygienic procedures.