For the first six months of 2020 square meter of secondary housing in Moscow increased by almost 3 percent, to 183,57 thousand rubles on average. This is stated in the materials of the analytical center “Indicators of housing market”, arrived in edition “”.

according to experts, the sellers of apartments in Moscow raised prices in spite of the isolation — in fact, active in the real estate market in 2020 was only February and March in January and the owners, and home buyers have traditionally a rest, and at the end of March in the city entered a quarantine mode.

“because of the quarantine imposed in connection with the epidemic of coronavirus, a large part of the first half of 2020, the capital’s real estate market has been in a coma — analysts stress. And, judging by the results of June, even after the lifting of isolation of the market never really woke up.”

According to IRN, the first half of 2020 one-room apartment in Moscow rose by 3 percent, to of 180.4 thousand rubles per square meter. “Kopeck piece” added to the price of 3 per cent (181,1 thousand rubles per square meter). The price of “treshek” rose by 2.8 per cent (175,8 thousand rubles for “square”), multi-room apartments — 2 percent (189,7 thousand rubles per square meter).

Earlier it was reported that in may 2020 in Moscow registered a 3.9 thousand navigation rights on the basis of contracts of purchase and sale (barter) of housing. Thus, the number of transactions in the secondary real estate fell by 25 percent for the month and on an annual basis, fell three times.