MOSCOW, may 4 – RIA Novosti. Doctor of medical science, Professor of pathophysiology at the First Moscow state Sechenov Anton Yershov told the “Russian newspaper”, under what conditions formed a strong immunity against coronavirus.

According to Yershova, the optimal scenario for the formation of persistent immunity against COVID-19 is the occurrence of a disease in average shape without excessive use of medication. “That’s when the body is formed maximum immunity to it,” he said.

According to the Professor, should the immune system, providing protection from infection, may not develop in two cases: very light or very severe disease. In the first case, in the human body, in spite of the infection is not allowing the amount of virus to treat infection seriously and has developed antibodies to it.

“the Second case, when immunity is not generated – if the person is too much ill. When extremely heavy for the body will be so stressed out that all of his compensatory forces are to maintain life in the present moment and not on the formation of protection for the future. The body is just not strong enough, namely, proteins for the formation of antibodies,” – said Yershov.

the Specialist added that the problem with the current coronavirus is that it appeared recently and consequently has not been enough time for “Dating” with this virus. “Due to the fact that it’s SARS, there is an assumption that immunity to COVID-19 will also be retained for two years. But evidence for the conservation of not”, – concluded the Professor.

Pandemic COVID-19 covered most of the countries of the world. Just infected with more than 3.3 million people, of which approximately 238 thousand died, more than a million recovered.

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