this time Bari Alibasov Jr. and his lawyer Oleg Sukhov filed a complaint to the head of the investigation Department and the Prosecutor’s office. Heir producer complains of the inaction of the investigators, fearing that the evidence in the apartment where, allegedly, poisoned his father, will disappear.

Bari Alibasov Jr. in conversation with “MK” noted that on July 3, filed for the attempted murder of his father and the theft of property and documents. Heir producer noted that he had submitted the documents instead of the father from-for poisonings of Bari Karimovich. Today, the producer has been undergoing treatment in a Moscow clinic.

“on 9 July, i.e. after 6 days after application – began the lawyer Sukhov. – In the office of the Presnensky district of Department of SU of Moscow Bari to Barievich reported that the document is the investigator who, in turn, said that he had not reviewed the appeal and recommended to wait a month. After this period Alibasov Jr. must report the results of the application”.

Bari Alibasov Jr. believes that at the moment his attitude violates the norms of the legislation. Also the son of the producer concerned about the delay in the investigation, which could lead to loss of evidence. For example, fingerprints in the apartment. So Bari Jr. asked to respond to his complaint and to rectify the omissions on the part of investigators.

the statement of the son of the producer, which is the work of the investigator, for the conduct of the inspection and a criminal investigation into the alleged Commission of attempted murder and theft. In all of these crimes Bari Alibasov Jr. accuses his former colleagues of his father. According to the son of producer, as a result of actions of specific individuals Bari Karimovich, in June, was in a critical condition in hospital.

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