According to the company, the decrease was observed for the other “tomato” attributes. So, sales of barbecues from 30 April to 5 may compared to the same period last year fell by 28%, skewers sold is 19% less. However, almost unchanged demand for charcoal, marinades and sauces for barbecue (their sales were down only 5%), lighter fluid (the decrease was only 5%). And sales grids for grilling, in contrast, grew by 11%.

But on the whole the Russians do not began to eat less meat: sales category “meat” from 30 April to 5 may 2020 declined by just 1% compared to the same period of 2019, according to data of “Taxcom”.

But during the first may holidays, the Russians bought more beer. According to the it company “Motor”, from 27 April to 3 may for the first time increased revenue beer stores (compared with week March 2-8). Peak revenue was observed on 30 April and 1 may. Despite the fact that, according to “Motor”, is now 15% less beer stores, the beer stores revenue rose by 3% from the beginning of March. Average check beer stores have grown compared to the beginning of March by 17% and amounted to 430 rubles. That’s 37% more than in may 2019.