a memorial to the “Heroes of the Alsib” pilots, overtaking the planes from Alaska through Chukotka, Kolyma and Yakutia in Siberia during the great Patriotic war, opened in Magadan.

“For the opening we invited people for obvious reasons. Perhaps the ceremony will be held after the lifting of the quarantine on the coronavirus”, – reported in a press-service of the government of the Magadan region.

the memorial was erected on the 13th kilometer of the highway “Kolyma”, where once were the base of the supply air-route “Alaska-Siberia” (Alsib), which surpassed the American aircraft obtained under lend-lease from the allies.

the Sculpture depicts a handshake between Soviet and American pilots against the background of an airplane wing. The authors of the project – Andrey Kovalchuk, Konstantin Kuzmin.

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the Route “Alaska-Siberia” operated from 1942 to 1945, between Fairbanks (Alaska) and Krasnoyarsk. 7,9 thousand combat and transport aircraft were the Soviet air force by agreement between the United States and the Soviet Union.