President of the United States Donald trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel discussed the 75th anniversary of the Victory. This was announced by the White house spokesman Judd Deere, RIA Novosti reported.

it is Noted that the American leader thanked Merkel for her congratulations, “couched in elegant terms”.

in addition, the leaders also discussed the situation with coronavirus. They noted the positive developments in the fight against the pandemic. Trump expressed his gratitude to the Chancellor “for the strong reaction of Germany to the pandemic,” said Deere.

may 7, Donald trump congratulated President of Russia Vladimir Putin on Victory Day. The leaders also agreed to continue the fight against the pandemic, and praised the results already achieved.

the Second world war began on 1 September 1939 with the Nazi invasion of Poland. September 17 at the Polish territory, Soviet troops entered. The result of the military operation was the partition of Poland between the Third Reich and the Soviet Union.

on 22 June 1941 German forces and their European allies invaded the Soviet Union. The great Patriotic war lasted almost four years and ended with the liberation from Nazism in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

the Military losses of the USSR during the Second world war are estimated at more than 12 million people, the total loss of about 27 million people.