In the medium term the main demand for a separate apartment in Russia would be satisfied, however, increase demand for better housing conditions: citizens will begin to acquire new, spacious apartments with many rooms. This is stated in the study prepared and published by the RIA Novosti.

according to analysts, because of the pandemic coronavirus and introduced quarantine restrictions request spacious accommodation has become more relevant as the Russians began to carry out in their homes longer. They want to live in comfort. But currently, every Russian citizen has an average of 1,1 room, while in several other European countries (Ireland, Belgium, Norway, the Netherlands and the UK) this figure exceeds two rooms.

“Russia can not be called a well housed country, say the experts. — If to address to experience of other States, it may be noted that developed countries to generate their own large Fund of residential real estate took decades and sometimes even centuries in relatively good volumes of construction, therefore, rapid repair of the situation should not wait”.

Earlier in July, it became known that because of the epidemic of coronavirus in Russia has sharply increased the popularity of individual housing according to the survey conducted by the Russian center for public opinion studies (VTSIOM), 39 percent of citizens began to consider the homes as more preferable for living.