Among the stranded due to quarantine in different parts of India, the Russians have the group trapped in a particularly difficult situation: their families were not allowed to leave India. These people understand: go back home they can, leaving their loved ones, but they will not go for nothing. Are Russian tourists travelling with Pets, as well as those who found four-legged friend during the trip.

after Talking with the owners of “restricted to travel abroad” our little brothers, “MK” found out what her problem is.

– Animals are more than just Pets, they are members of our families, our children! – say stuck in India Russian solubili. – We can’t just take off, leaving them here, it is not even discussed!

Russian family with four-legged members, scattered throughout India, he organized his group in social networks and messengers, which communicate, share information and support each other.

– We typed a lot! – tell the participants of the group. – The Russians with the animals found in Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, Mumbai, Delhi, Varanasi. In the States of Uttar Pradesh, in Jammu and Kashmir and many more where. And we are all in the same trap! We can use export routes, but only leaving their Pets.

a Trap is in the Indian law, according to which export from the country can only be an animal, which received an export permit from the Indian state veterinary service. And this permission to get a pet should be transported to the facility for medical examination. Help-the permit will be issued only when the state vet will personally make sure that the animal is properly vaccinated and microchipped, but his owners have all the required to documents.

the Law, in General, correct. Health and documents of most four-legged travelers is also in order. But confirm it with the certificate they can’t: due to quarantine restrictions of movement a personal visit in the Indian state veterinary and phytosanitary service to their owners is impossible.

– And without the help of there Pets is not only not put on the plane, they are generally not allowed to leave India. And without their Pets, the owners, of course, isn’t going anywhere – that’s the circle has closed, says Petersburger Ekaterina Ostapchuk, who undertook to remind the Homeland of her stuck in India for four-legged residents. On this she and her husband Eugene have deeply personal reasons: in India they have left family members – Loaf and Bazooka.

– Catherine how I wound up in your family of these two? And why are they now in the Indian Punjab, and you and your husband – the house in St. Petersburg?

the Bun and Bazooka – Indian dog. They to us arrived, when Zhenya was in India. They were then three-month old puppies. Of course, we couldn’t leave them on the street. Was taken to her home and loved.

why’d you leave without them?

– We had to fly to Peter for family reasons. This was before the quarantine, so we expected to do his business and come back immediately. We were lucky, our Russian friends agreed to take a Loaf of bread and a Bazooka to his house and look after them until we return. And then began this whole quarantine, and we could not come back.

– who now Loaf and Bazooka?

In the good hands of a very responsible, decent and loving people – our friend Elias and his 12-year-old son Zachary. Already went 5 months like a Loaf of bread and Bazooka live in their house in Varkala is Kerala. Due to quarantine Ilya with the male failed to timely return to Russia, and Zhenya can’t come for a Loaf and a Bazooka. Now we are texting all day and talk on the phone on video. Ilya with the male also fell in love with a Loaf of bread with a Bazooka as a family.

send us Regular Zhenya their photos and videos, and we created a Bun with Bazooka personal page in social networks, one to two, so the name came up with a total folding of the first syllables of their names – BuBa Dogs.

And Ilya with the male aren’t you going home?

They are not desperate to get on the export voyage, fortunately now from India more of them. And they suggested us to take a Loaf of bread and a Bazooka with you! We would, of course, did not dare them to ask about this… But Ilya said, “I understand just how important it is for you!”

– And how did they get permission to export?

– That’s why we’re all stuck in India solubile assistance to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and assistance from the staff of our Embassy on the spot. Russian airlines operating flights export, on the phone responds that “the issue with Pets is decided at the airport”. That is, according to the rules, animals without a certificate on Board are not allowed. But given the circumstances, can be made an exception. But that the planting should include a representative of the Russian Embassy, which also agreed with the Indian side, she released a four-legged Russians without help. We hope that all parties will show understanding and kindness and will not put a spoke in the wheel in difficult times.

of Course, the real miracle would be a special flight with a veterinarian on Board who will pick all families with Pets again… But we are well aware that it is impossible. And rejoice in the fact that the Home will learn: in India, there are our tourists with four-legged babies, and they really want to go home!