Tunisia has temporarily refused to accept Russian tourists. One of the most popular countries among our countrymen took Russia to the “red” category according to the level of threat of the spread of coronavirus infection.

Closed because of the pandemic, the Tunisian border was opened, but not for all countries, reported IA REGNUM with reference to Mosaique FM.

In particular, citizens of Russia can’t enter the country due to the large proportion of cases of infection with coronavirus infection. Russia was attributed to the “red” category.

country of the “orange” category are permitted to Tunisia only upon presentation of negative test results on the coronavirus, which must be received not earlier than 72 hours before entry.

While travelers arriving from the countries of the “green” category (with a low level of threat of infection), will not face any restrictions.

Earlier in June, several other States also temporarily refused to accept Russian tourists due to the unstable epidemiological situation in the country. Their number includes Finland, Czech Republic, Montenegro and Cyprus.

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