More than half of Russians believe that the coronavirus is more dangerous than seasonal flu. According to research VTSIOM, such opinion is shared by 58% of Russians. In Moscow this percentage is higher – 64%.

On April 20 the question, whether the coronavirus is more dangerous than seasonal flu, was positively answered by 50% of respondents.

Fear of Contracting coronavirus is prevalent among Russians over the fear of losing a job and income. 60% of respondents admitted that they are afraid to be infected with coronavirus than to lose my job. The opposite opinion is shared by 31% of respondents.

57% of Russians believe that sufficient measures have the government taken to combat the epidemic. 27% disagreed with this statement, while 11% of respondents said excessive.

Volunteer assistance in a pandemic called significant 75% of Russians, 12% hold the opposite opinion.


As reported by “the Rambler”, the 18th of may in Russia revealed 290 678 cases of coronavirus. During the day, the number of infected has increased to 8 926 people. For the entire period recorded 2722 death, recovered 70 209 people.