Analytical service of Rambler, invited the Russians to participate in a new survey. They were asked the following question: “How do you think the blocking of the accounts will stop cheaters to engage in unscrupulous activities during a pandemic?”.

The majority of participants (89%) believe that the Scam will not stop because they thoroughly think through every step.

However, 7% of respondents have a different opinion. They believe in the effectiveness of this measure.

4% of Russians were undecided on the issue.

The survey was attended by 5215 people.

In Russia during a pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19 there are new grounds for blocking Bank accounts. This is reported by “Izvestia”.

The Federal service for financial monitoring (Rosfinmonitoring), the newspaper reported that the situation of the spread of coronavirus infection of the AML / CFT measures have been prioritized and highlighted areas of possible activation of dishonest activity.

Those in the service think the production and trafficking of health products, the sale of goods and services in the field of anti-epidemic measures and budget allocations to support business and population.