Social media users commented on the instagram of a deadly accident involving eighteen-year-old Russian Nastya blogers Tropical.

Earlier on instagram of the girl reported about her death. According to subscribers, Tropical in a motorcycle accident in Bali.

Many expressed condolences in connection with death of the girl.

"She had a premonition that something bad, but couldn’t understand it. Referring to impotence. It was a sign," wrote swet_oleynik.

"I just go for a few hours no, I Paravel now and complete devastation, as if a ray of light had left the land a very heavy loss and the stupid death of such a cheerful and bright person," admitted fadeevaanastasia.

"I just can’t believe it, until recently, thought it was some kind of mistake, a very bad joke," said s.u.n22.

"2020 — the hardest year", — stated volkovaa9637.

Some users countered the critical remarks Tropical.

"People come to your senses, how can you be so cruel? Person no longer alive, all the people hit hard by her loss and you just write that it didn’t mean anything to the world! Hell, what did you do in this life?" asked katyaha_kka.

"Here you write what you want, she at 18 got on the bike! What were you doing at 18-19 years old? Sat at home, taught books and drinking tea and coffee? Seriously?" appealed to critics blogers anrobertovna.

"People who are now trying to sling mud at this man — low and envious. Spare loved ones Nastya, she’s never done anything to you", — concluded evdokimo_vaa.

Nastya Tropical kept a blog about freelancing, make money on the Internet and work on themselves. According to her, her first million she earned in 15 years.