The majority of Russians interviewed by the service “”, decided to spend the may holidays this year at home or at the cottage, subject to the restrictions imposed on the background of the pandemic coronavirus infection.

As it turned out, 30 percent of respondents plan to spend the holidays at the cottage or in the village. 11 percent of respondents intend to watch TV and sleep at home, six per cent will spend the weekend reading, five percent for health care, three percent had decided to do repairs or alterations.

While 17 percent of the output will not be — they are going to work throughout the holidays.

In spite of restrictive measures, there are those who intend to go on the nature on shish kebabs (12 per cent) or to go to other city to relatives or friends (five per cent).

As noted by the Director of the Institute for medical Parasitology, tropical and vector-borne diseases name martynovskogo Alexander Lukashev, it is safe only if in the company of guests — people with whom you have isolated themselves. With the appearance of at least one person from outside comes the threat of infection.

All such cases in the aggregate could exacerbate the situation with the spread of COVID-19, and thus to prolong the duration of self-isolation.

A survey of the service “” was held from 28 April to 5 may, and was attended by over three thousand users of the resource. The results of the survey lead to “Izvestia”.

Earlier it was reported that about six thousand police officers will monitor the performance of the mode isolation in the suburbs.