the Pandemic provoked an excessive demand for medicines in the beginning of this year, which led to a hitherto unprecedented growth of pharmacy sales, perhaps the most significant in many years. It showed Monthly retail audit of Russian pharmaceutical market for the first quarter, conducted by the analytical Agency DSM Group. Oddly enough, but group of drugs sellers at the same time remained traditional. In the first place – not antiviral medications and pacifiers medications and probiotics.

Analysts say that the pandemic is not the only cause of excessive demand. The flames of panic buying up and added the economic crisis and the expectation of rising prices and shortage of essential stuff because of possible production cutbacks. In addition, people are frightened by predictions of the imminent disappearance from the market of cheap drugs. From 1 July must earn the compulsory labelling system, however, in a pandemic, the process slowed down. Several organizations representing the interests of both producers and patients (for example, the Association of Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers and the Russian Union of patients) asked to postpone the deadlines for the labelling of medicines at least for a few months. Well and pharmacy chains set before the new economic realities, began to reduce their number of points.

In January-March 2020 pharmacies sold 1.5 billion packages of drugs, totaling 319,9 billion (at retail prices). When compared to the same period last year, sales of drugs grew by 25.3% in value and 13.2% in value terms. But in March, the growth amounted to 46.4% in value and 34.9% in real terms in comparison with March of last year.

Packing medicine at this time, the average cost 218 million, 10.7% higher than last year. The average cost of packing of the Russian medicine in the first three months of the year amounted to 120 rubles, which is about 3 times lower than the cost of packaging of imported drugs (363 rubles). At the same time, the average price of Russian drugs increased by 15.6% and imports by 6.1%.

a pharmacy demonstrate a gradual transition to expensive tools. Drugs segment “50 RUB” sell for less, and for all other price categories there is an appreciable increase. What is surprising: most intensively growing sales of drugs priced from 500 rubles! The increase amounted to 30.6% in rubles and 29.4% in packages. Last year this trend was not observed. Due to this, the proportion of expensive medicines increased by 1.8% in rouble terms and by 1.3% in real terms. Cheap drugs were the fastest growing in price (the ones that cost up to 50 rubles, rose by 11%), but remain the most popular among the population (every thirde sold in the first quarter of the medication – cheap). In this year, they are washed from pharmacies in the first quarter of 2012 their share was, for example, 53.9 per cent (in packages) from the drugstore range, and now – only 32%. The most stable segment of “from 150 to 500 roubles” – its share is preserved for a long period at the level of 42-46% in terms of value.

For the three months 2020 inflation was 4.5%, while overall in 2019, the same indicator was at the level of 1.8%. Noticeable jump in prices occurred from 16 March inflation increased from 1.9% to 4.5%. This is associated with rising currency exchange rates and speculative demand for pharmacy range.

In dynamics for several years, we can trace the trend of the market in favor of prescription of medicines: for comparison, in January-March of 2012, their share was at the level of 45.9% in the money and 27.5% in packages. With more than 82% of drugs in Russian pharmacies is generic (that is, counterparts of original drugs), and their share is growing every year. It is understandable – they are much cheaper. Original drug is an average of 472 rubles per pack, and a copy — 165 rubles.

But the trend of sales by top groups of drugs this year remained the same as in previous years. It would seem that we can expect a spike in sales of antiviral drugs, but still, leaders in the segment of “Digestive tract and metabolism” (+22,4%) with a share of 18.1% in value terms. In this group, by the way, drugs prevail, unknown to European consumers and the world considered pills: medications and probiotics. The passion of the Russians to “clean the liver” and to establish intestinal flora is indestructible and is not influenced pandemics. However, this group also wormed and one antiseptic, commonly used in dentistry: its sales grew by almost 44%. On the second place by sales value — “drugs for the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system” (share of 14.2%). The third — “Drugs for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system” with a share of 13.2% in rubles. Their first-quarter sales to 24.4% more. Moreover, the most popular in this group are drugs for the treatment of diseases of the throat.

in addition, at the beginning of the year very smartly implemented the hormonal drugs cure skin diseases (including antiseptics and disinfectants) as well as anticancer drugs and immunomodulators, sales of which increased. For example, the sale of immunomodulators jumped as much as 89.5% of.

If you conduct analysis on brand drugs in the first place on sales was never hitherto was not the former antiseptic. In second place stands the popular anticoagulant on the third – Russian antiviral agent. At the top, several antiviral and immunomodulatory and antipyretic drugs, ��ercise hydrogen and bactericidal plaster. In this country plummeting sales of activated carbon, expectorant drug of vegetative origin and sedatives on the basis of Valerian.