If you are using gloves in public should follow some rules, otherwise the risk of Contracting coronavirus persists. It warned the head of the Department of infectious diseases RUDN Galina Kozhevnikova in an interview with the Fifth channel.

Kozhevnikov explained that during the epidemic COVID-19 can be worn both disposable and reusable gloves, but it is important not to turn them into a hotbed of infection. So, rubber gloves should be thrown away immediately after returning home, and fabric should be washed with soap and preferably ironed.

To prevent the infection by coronavirus, it is important not to touch your face, because the surface of the product can be pathogens, said the doctor. Also, do not wear long gloves. However, the main measure of prevention is still the minimization of contact with others, said infectious disease.

Note that the effectiveness of gloves in the prevention COVID-19 some specialists doubt. So, the pulmonologist Jens Matthew warned that in a very short time disposable glove collects on its surface much more bacteria than a recently washed hand.

the Doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov and even called wearing gloves senseless action. In his opinion, they either need to change every time in contact with objects, or “don’t goof off and just wash your hands.”