MIA explained to the Russians, on what basis can they be fined for violation of isolation. About TASS said the press service of the Ministry.

As explained in police, the perpetrators can be brought under article 20.6.1 of the administrative code, which provides for liability for failure to comply with rules of conduct in emergency situation (es) or the threat of its occurrence. It is according to this article occurs the operation modes of alert or emergency. In their introduction, all citizens and organizations located on corresponding territory, are obliged to observe certain rules of conduct, explained in police.

It is noted that additional rules for citizens can be established by legal acts of authorities of regions on introduction of high alert mode. This also applies to orders entered in connection with the spread of the coronavirus. And non-compliance Failure to comply with their requirements is considered a violation of the rules.

Article 20.6.1 of the administrative code “Failure to comply with rules of conduct in emergency situations or the threat of its occurrence” provides a warning or a fine from one to 30 thousand rubles.