Officials should bear the responsibility because of ill-conceived reforms that have crippled the state and the people. In the petition, which appeared on the website “Russian public initiative” has been proposed to punish those who failed health care reform, education, and pension.

The author of the petition believes that the pandemic has shown the failure of health care reform in the country. According to him, on the outskirts of the hospital was closed, staff is optimized so that with the sick there was nobody to work.

“System time was not able to perform its functions… the money Spent on carrying out “reforms” now the money is spent on eliminating these “mistakes”. People pay out of pocket money, nerves, health and life”, — stated in the message.

Failure, in the opinion of the drafters of the petition have also been pension reform and education reform.

“the Uneducated people are not able to reproduce specialists to manage high-tech equipment… about any “technological breakthrough” when changing “technological ways” of speech can not go”, — stated in the document.

The authors of the petition propose to conduct an audit of state agencies, reducing the state officials and deputies at the Federal level. For Guluzadeh, in the opinion of the drafters of the petition, must be set the salary level of the minimum subsistence level,”given the fact that they use public housing, transportation and other benefits.”

After dismissal, the Commission must examine the actions of officials in the case of “unsatisfactory” result to find out the damage to the state and the amount of moral and material damage.