Russia is ready to gradually open the tourist season, said Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin at the meeting with the Deputy Prime Ministers. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko said that to resume tourist trips between the regions is planned from 1 July. Regional leaders prepare plans for the launch of the tourism industry until June 15. Chernyshenko also listed measures to support tourism.

According to Vice Prime Minister first of all you need to support the family tourism. It is therefore proposed to make additional preferential rates for families with children, as well as the “diversity of children’s tourism, so that every child could have the summer to relax guarantee”. The government will also support grants entrepreneurs, who create projects, camp accommodation and parks.

Authorities expect that these directions will appear on Charter flights. According to Chernyshenko, “already there is such an agreement, this will greatly reduce the cost of the trip.”

package tour to Baikal for ten days can cost about 45 thousand. “It’s such an achievement, I would say,” said Chernyshenko.

earlier, Mikhail Mishustin urged Russians to refrain from trips abroad. According to him, the need to eliminate the risk of re-importation of coronavirus due borders and spend a vacation in Russia.

According to VTsIOM, only 4% of Russians plan to spend this year’s summer holiday abroad. 61% plan to stay at home.