One nephew Chancellor declared war on him, the other was in the Butyrka, a third wanted to exchange Yakov Stalin. Half brother opened the restaurant “Alois”. Sister of the Nazi dictator worked as a nurse, and the eldest he bequeathed his pension.

“One day, the officer reviewed the order on the ship, asked my name, recalled William Patrick. “Hitler” — I replied calmly. “Glad to see you, Hitler! — laughed the officer. — My last name is Hess”.

the Sailor thought the guy was joking, but he spoke the truth. The US army, Hitler before did not take, although he rushed to the front — he always refused, just to see the documents. He did not give up: he wrote a letter to President Roosevelt, and he issued the order on 6 March 1944 to enlist Hitler in the United States Navy. Volunteer fought bravely, was seriously wounded and was awarded the medal “Purple heart”. But William Patrick Hitler was not only a namesake, but… the nephew of the führer of Germany Adolf Hitler! And that’s not all. Younger brother William Patrick — NCO of the Wehrmacht, Heinz Hitler, January 10, 1942 he was taken prisoner on the Eastern front, and soon died in the Butyrka prison.

the intricacies of the different fates of Hitler understood the browser “AIF”.

Brother of the Fuhrer Alois Hitler Jr. born in 1882 — from an extramarital affair of his father (the Austrian customs official Alois Hitler, Sr.) and a girl Francisca Matzelsberger. Then the wife of the official has died, he married his mistress and took to his child, but after 2 years he died and Francis. Tireless Hitler-senior again entered into marriage with the mother of Adolf Clara Pelzl.

In 17 years, Alois ran away from his father’s house: because of the scandals with the Pope and a bad relationship with her stepmother. He sailed to Ireland (then owned by the UK), and got a job as a assistant chef in a local hotel. Was arrested twice and served time for stealing things from the guests. Then married an Irish woman, Bridget Dowling, he moved to Liverpool there’s something in 1911 the couple and a son was born William Patrick Hitler.

In 1933, a young William (whom the Fuhrer was called simply “Willy”) has arrived to Germany — so (by his own admission) to get a good job from his uncle, who became head of state. Dreams come true — the Chancellor made it in “Reichsregierung”, and then to the factory of “Opel”, lead Manager for the sale of cars. The nephew, however, had little of the ambition he is constantly “pressed” uncle, wanting to take a position in the German government. The guy allegedly even threatened to sell the scandals about the family of the Fuhrer Western Newspapers, if “my personal financial circumstances do not improve, and will not occur growth career.” So uh��about or not, but in 1938, Adolf Hitler demanded — let William Patrick refuse the British citizenship, and then you will get a “pretty significant position” in the SS or even the chair of the Deputy Minister.

the Nephew regarded the idea of the Fuhrer as a trap, and escaped from Germany to America in secret, without notifying father, Alois. He wrote an angry article for Look magazine called “Why I hate my uncle?”, and has performed across the United States giving lectures, where he was told that his grandfather was Hitler Jewish merchant.

After the announcement by Germany of war on the US on 11 December 1941 William Patrick Hitler demanded to send him to the front as an ordinary soldier, but was unsuccessful: as soon as the army chiefs saw the name of the recruit, they became ill. The nephew of the führer persisted, claiming that he wants “to destroy the Nazi evil”. After approval from President Roosevelt and verify the intelligence he was enlisted in the Navy the assistant to the ship’s pharmacist (with the right to bear military weapons), and in 1945 was wounded by shrapnel during the shelling of the ship by enemy artillery.

In 1947, William Patrick demobilized, got married, and opened in new York, small laboratory for paid blood tests. He had to change the name to Stewart Houston,, since the public is not too crammed to donate blood to a specialist by the name of Hitler. The nephew of the Fuhrer died in 1987 — buried with his mother at one of the new York cemeteries.

Born March 14, 1920 Heinz Hitler (the younger brother of William Patrick) was born during the offences mentioned above Alois Hitler. A relative of the Fuehrer in may 1914, the year he gave his wife — the Irish woman, Bridget Dowling, he returned to Germany and there he married a German woman Gedvigoy Heidemann: she was the mother of Heinz Hitler.

it was Revealed that Alois is not divorced from a previous wife, and he was arrested for the third time in my life — article “bigamy”. Heinz grew up a convinced Nazi, worshipped Hitler, and a dictator called his “favorite nephew”. At 18 years of age the youth finished elite National political Academy, and set out to become an officer. The boy “threw-off” at every step.

According to the memoirs of a classmate “nephew”, Heinz traveled to Magdeburg in a car without a driver’s license, disregarding traffic. When he was stopped by a police officer — filed the documents and laughed, looking like a pale suzman. After the German attack on the Soviet Union the communications officer of the 23rd artillery regiment Heinz Hitler was on the Eastern front, was promoted to noncommissioned officer and received the Iron cross II class. Career ended quickly on 10 January 1942, Heinz was given the task to restore the connection on the front, and wouldl captured Soviet soldiers. He arrogantly claimed to be the nephew of the Fuehrer, and he must be treated “respectfully”.

According to one source, Heinz Hitler died from cold, others died from beatings by his cellmates, having tired of those endless singing Nazi marches and loud cries of “Heil Hitler!”.

Father, two brothers, Alois Hitler Jr. in 1934, opened in the Berlin restaurant “Alois” is the place quickly became popular among SS officers and stormtroopers of the SA. The Fuhrer ignored relative, and never with him not talking, thinking of work in catering unworthy. In 1945, Alois was arrested by the British military, but soon released. Amazed by the meeting with the brother of Hitler, the journalist, an Englishman exclaimed — “the Fuhrer in Germany simply everywhere!”. Soon, Alois changed his name to Giller. He died in 1956.

the Native sister of Adolf’s father and mother Paula Hitler changed the passport even before the Nazis came to power — took the name wolf, so as not to attract too much attention. She joined the Nazi party and worked as a Secretary in a military hospital. After the war, “Frau Hitler” was briefly detained by the Americans. Paula settled Bayern, earning a living as a nurse and the nurse at the former members of the SS: those hired it very willingly. The woman died from cancer in 1964.

a Half-sister of Adolph (daughter of the second wife of the father of the Fuhrer) Hitler’s angel (by her husband of Raubal) had a fight with the Chancellor because of his romance with Eva Braun, and the head of the Reich broke things with her by sending in Dresden. Years later they reconciled, in his will, Hitler indicated to his sister to pay 1,000 REICHSMARK monthly. The angel until his death in 1949, foaming at the mouth argued that neither she nor Hitler himself did not know about the death of millions of people in concentration camps “otherwise good Adolfik all would have stopped.” Her son Ian (also the nephew of Hitler) as a Lieutenant of a company of sappers was captured at the surrender of the Sixth army in Stalingrad, and was in the Soviet camp until 1955. They say that the führer wanted to exchange Leo Yakov Stalin, but the “leader of Nations” refused.

incidentally, in the history of the world recorded one amazing fact — in the Soviet Army served as a member of the Komsomol, heavy… Semyon Konstantinovich Hitler. Showing heroism in the battles for Odessa, it is 8 days in a row destroyed the dagger fire of the advancing enemy, was wounded and was awarded the medal “For courage”. 3 June 1942 comrade Hitler at the age of 20 years were killed in the fighting for Sevastopol. But this, of course, the namesake, not relative.

Georgy Zotov