The mayor admitted that, in the case of continued growth of numbers of coronavirus in Moscow, city officials can go in limiting the issuance of QR passes. We will remind that now any citizen who chooses to leave his shumoizolyatsionnogo shelter and go in the car or on public transport must be requested as much as five hours to yield a complex alphanumeric code, in which his movements should be monitored. It is significant that, if we are not talking about trips to work, to take advantage of this “ausvays” Moskvich may not more often than twice a week.

How the municipality intends to further tighten the issuance of permits for adherence to the simple constitutional rights of freedom of movement is not clear. Moreover, there is not even a clear explanation about whether a calendar week, or simply seven days in a row. Apparently, this also applies to the number of complicating aspects. Moreover, there is information on fines received by citizens requesting rank in the order of their QR codes. And now the progressive community is discussing in the online space the issue of the chances to challenge such sanctions in courts. However, it is known that all attempts to bring to trial the very introduction of the codes has failed. Lawsuits just from a threshold rejected.

Of course, Moscow provides almost half the daily growth of infection in the country. And not clear until the end whether all of the current hard and not too legal action, too late, or, on the contrary, it is their embarrassing performance in the beginning, such as the creation of queues at the entrance to the subway station, in which there were many thousands of working citizens, now gives such a sad seedlings. Meanwhile, it is noted that to implement additional tightening measures, the municipality does not consider it necessary to seek support in city legislative Assembly. They entered orders Sobyanin, as if the country has declared emergency situations.

It is significant that at the same time on the other end of the country, in Tomsk region Governor Anatoly Zhvachkin not just said that in the field will not enter numeric codes. But expressed confidence that such a procedure is simply an affront to human dignity. Thus arose the existential correspondence of a dispute between two of the heads of constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The dispute about the combination of fundamental human rights, his dignity, and paternalistic relationship to the people, as foolish little children. And, apparently, her promise of even more to tighten the screws with the best of intentions of preventing Mr Sobyanin may provoke even more discussion about the boundaries of any such restrictions.

However, I would venture to suggest that we just don’t know the true picture of the procession in the capital of insidious coronavirus. Despite the holidays, Sergei Sobyanin narration´┐Ż´┐Żl strange data. According to him, in the capital infected with approximately two percent of citizens. Concrete figures he did not name, but dvenadtsatikolonnom the capital of two percent is about 240 thousand patients. How to combine these data with the official statistics, claiming that across the country from Wuhan strain was affected slightly more than 124 thousand citizens, is not clear.

But maybe the capital’s mayor does, there is reason for new restrictions?