All pairs of the demonstrators were released on the eve of 1 may, but now all was calm and ended with the singing of the anthem. Meanwhile, the chief of the Berlin police Barbara Word broadcast RBB-Inforadio criticized the may day rally, which gathered “from several hundred to several thousand people,” which, in her words, “behaved irresponsibly”. As he wrote, “RG”, she began “the Rose”, and then moved to the Kreuzberg district, where there were major detention.

it is Noteworthy that most German media did not cover any of the storm last Friday or Saturday protest. The portal was one of the few German media, which published a detailed online timeline of events, photos and videos. Saturday’s meeting was held under it was drizzling rain. According to the police (they coincide with the estimates of witnesses), it was attended by about three hundred people. The order followed by 350 police officers (for comparison: may 1 in the capital pulled 5,000 security forces, including from the neighbouring lands). They prudently put up around the square several rows of fences, through which metered missed the people. In any case, there was more than set by the authorities the quota of 20 people for social events (Monday it goes up to 50).

Virtually to detain anyone did not. Except that two police officers was taken by the hand a young man who is blessed with a view of something broadcast to the public. The recognition and popular fame is clearly counting the fellow in prison garb, started a violent dispute with law enforcement officers. On his back he sported a badge with the inscription “Keep your distance” – the Germans obviously know a lot about black humour. At a little distance a young man greeted passers-by open arms and a prophetic poster “the End is near”, meaning the imminent end of times – but not in the biblical sense, but merely quarantine. In the ranks of the protesters joined a group of “anarchist Dada,” filed its own action in “protecting people-reptilians”.

Who is participating in these protests? In Berlin police say that on the evening of may 1 in the Kreuzberg district gathered “mainly young leftist views”, and joined “the idle onlookers”, which has accumulated more than a thousand and sometimes several thousands. The German media, a passing mention on the Berlin stock, call their participants “populists extreme wing” and “conspiracy theorists”.

“RG” managed to take a comment from one of the people who were in the square of Rosa Luxemburg on may 1 and comes here every Saturday. Andreas, 43 years old, he is not a populist, doesn’t believe in conspiracy theories and in General his entire adult life voted for the Christian Democrats. However, the situation of the pandemic forced him to join the supporters of the gaining momentum of the movement “resistance in defense of civil liberties.”

“I don’t go to the office and sit on remote I also have no way. The fact that I work at a small hotel, and we were all moved to a shorter day. I have two children who are now seven weeks are not able to go to school to see her friends. Life in such circumstances is extremely distressing – shared Andreas with “RG”. – Now I have a lot of free time, and I read alternative information about the coronavirus, which is different from, say Merkel and Mr. span (Minister of health of Germany – approx. “RG”). Of course, I’m just a little guy. And I can not argue about these matters with the government’s position, which is necessary to save the people from epidemics. But why in the society is not engaged in any discussions regarding the actions undertaken? I can’t agree with this state of Affairs, so they come here. But I do not consider myself neither to the right nor to the left”.

According to the source, “RG”, friends accepted his sudden fascination with the protests in General with understanding, and some “very very well”. “I shoot a short video and send to your friends so they have an idea what’s happening here. However, some fear that I can pick up the infection in the crowd. But I have no one condemns,” admits Andreas. However, he says that he is not going to look for trouble and come into conflict with the guards, which, according to him, “on Friday behaved surprisingly aggressive.” “When we are told to leave the area, I’m leaving. The resistance of the police to anything will not”, – concluded the source “RG”.

meanwhile, demonstrators criticized the capital’s Senator for internal Affairs Andreas Gisel. He called “mindless action” the actions of the protesters, who “behaved as if there is no pandemic didn’t exist.”