The requirements to deferred rental payments for business

the Postponement is granted for the period October 1, commencing on the date of the introduction of. The debt business will be able to pay in the period from 1 January 2021 to January 1, 2023, in a phased manner not more often than once a month, equal payments, the amount of which does not exceed half the monthly payment under the lease.

Photo: Alexander Astafyev/POOL/TASS the Government will abolish the penalties for non-payment for utility services

For the duration of the special regime in the region benefit put into the full amount of rent, and after the lifting of restrictions until October 1 – half of the rent. The parties may agree on a smaller amount of rent that fall under the delay.

the property Owner is forbidden to introduce additional payments in connection with the deferment, and do not apply to the lessee of the fines and other penalties for failure to comply with the order and terms of payment.

the Cabinet recommended the owners of commercial space to provide for a reduction in the amount of rent declared nationwide non-working days, and the regional authorities to provide tax relief to those property owners who are in the position of tenants.