The Prosecutor General's office revealed in the fakes about the coronavirus

As reported by columnist “RG” in a press-service of supervising Department, the Prosecutor’s office examined the materials of prosecutors of St. Petersburg, Tatarstan, Chuvashia, Perm region and Kursk region for placement in “Vkontakte”, Facebook and Instagram inaccurate public information.

Photo: the Rostov state medical University Professor of infectious diseases dispelled fakes about coronavirus

So, in the article “Methods of dealing with the coronavirus at the Institute of the FSB (Saint-Petersburg)”, and it was discussed that in school currently, 70 percent of students sick with coronavirus infection. However, according to the clinical infectious hospital named. S. P. Botkin, and of the Institute of the FSB of Russia in the school not infected with coronavirus infection.

In the social network “Vkontakte” was posted material on how to purchase the documents on the right of free movement on the territory of Tatarstan during a pandemic. The author argues that it is “legally and lawfully”.

Also in Instagram revealed a video in which a woman convinces subscribers about the need to ignore calls for the isolation and application of individual protection measures.

In the community “We are from the Chuvash Republic,” the social network “Vkontakte” found material which States the following: “From tomorrow we will close the entry and exit of the city, and all around the villages of the Republic. Today give the opportunity to get to their places of permanent residence. Tomorrow is by special permit and permits. Will write protocols. Deals with the penalty from 40 thousand to 70 thousand rubles. Permission will be granted for jobs”.

however, in accordance with the letter of the administration of Cheboksary, the decision about restriction on the territory of municipality of arrival and departure, the issuance of special permits for the movement were not accepted.

Also “Vkontakte” was posted another video titled “While men sit at home, in the city of Regardie levied troops, the military is going to Moscow” and comments that contain false information. The same material was also placed on YouTube.

Also at the same online revealed a video titled “the New Constitution retroactively printed and is on the shelves! News Russia-2020”. Same video posted on the Youtube video.

Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images the Inhabitant of Bashkiria have fined for the fake of coronavirus

in addition, user comments indicated the following: “the New Constitution has been signed, everything is decided without the people, the coronavirus there. Therefore, the troops in Moscow”, “Italy Central hospital is working normally. Patients no.”

According to first Deputy head of Department of regional security and combating corruption Moscow, until may 7, 2020 three times a week carried the carriage of employees of Regardie in Alabino training in preparation for the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Victory.

On the page of one of Facebook users posted the following comment: “let’s See how the clowns of the administration of Kursk region performed the test. The region has no tests, and they all test…”.

According to the chief doctor of the Kursk clinical kozhno-a venereologic clinic, diagnostic laboratory receives test-system for determination of coronavirus. These test systems are used for diagnostics in all patients, the material of which is produced in your complex at the Theatre square in 60 studies per day.

For publication under the title “Tell me I’m Murino rent an apartment, but now moved in with relatives in Vsevolozhsk, really want one day to gently come and pick up their belongings, and some furniture, the city allowed, if there is a lease or not? If you miss Gazelle? Or absolutely all the entrances are closed?” (style, spelling and punctuation of the author saved) one user left a comment as follows: “Everything is closed. Everywhere the military and asgardia. Today dashes and crawling somehow of Murino got out. He was wounded in the leg.”

of Course, such a message “Joker” nothing to do with reality, but some people nevertheless believe like stuffing.

Another user to the article entitled “In Orenburg the patient died with coronaviruses. This is the first death outside of Moscow” has published a comment: “… In Kazan a few have died” (style, spelling and punctuation authors saved).

However, according to official statistics in the Republic of fatal cases in connection with disease coronavirus infection is not registered.

Photo: Ramil Sitdikov/RIA Novosti Roskomnadzor has warned about fake emails on behalf of the Agency

Another user commented on the publication of “Perm, take care of yourself and your loved ones!” to read as follows: “People is just palitika, in Perm have not found a single infected. This is all done to raise gasoline prices for products the price of Avio and the train. And of course utility. All that I have written view with my own eyes after the fifth” (style, spelling and punctuation of the author saved).

According to the Ministry of health of the Perm region, the total number of cases of coronavirus COVID-19 on 3 April 2020 amounted to 14 persons.

Thus, as emphasized in the Prosecutor’s office, all of the above Internet resources is placed knowingly false public interest information under the guise of reliable reports, preparing the ground for mass violations of public order and public security.