As we know, Sergei Garmash came from the troupe of Sovremennik, published an open letter on the “monstrous situation” in the theater.

Despite the sharp turn in his career, people’s artist of Russia, full of creative plans. The journalists of REN TV told its representative Oleg Budrin.

“Now Sergey is entirely occupied new film project, where he starred in the title role. Work on the film was interrupted due to the pandemic, therefore, is now actively in emergency mode from morning to night filming”.

So Garmash has no plans to participate in theatrical productions.

As reported by “the Rambler”, Sergei Garmash, who has worked in the “contemporary” for 34 years, said about leaving the theater. the death of the artistic Director Galina Volchek.

“there Is a massacre of people, excellent professionals, who gave the theatre decade of life,” — said Garmash.