Vladimir SMP staff “for special working conditions, and the additional load (COVID-19) paid 259 rubles 42 kopecks.

Regional physicians one after the other spread in social networks payslip for the last month: embarrassing to watch.

Officially been promised the doctors in the “red zone” on 80 thousand roubles, medical assistants and nurses for 50 thousand rubles, sanitation for 25 thousand rubles per month. Emergency doctors had to obtain more than 50 thousand rubles, paramedics, nurses, and drivers for 25 thousand rubles a month.

“we in the Novosibirsk region such as parsley. The ambulance drivers allowance of 250. Doctors a little more” – sharing in the social networks of angry people on the ground.

“as far As I’m aware, supplements yet, – told “MK” the husband of one of the Moscow doctors working in the “red zone”. My wife at the end of April came the money, said it basic pay: upfront or something like that. For kovid said, will be in may”.

“Exactly my dad is a police officer, so they have no co-payments are not made in April, even less than usual happened. Only 17,000 per month,” shared another online the lady of the Rybinsk district of the Yaroslavl region.

The worst, the paramedics, the first receiving the brunt – they go to potentially infected people, are not protected. He alleged coronavirus have not yet know “positive” if they don’t use protection. And for health officials is probably a field for manipulation: unlike Moscow, in the regions, the number of patients infected with kovida, not so great, perhaps, for the whole day to crew of an emergency will not fall, no such call, so what do they pay?

Here’s another story: the team was carrying infected coronaviruses at the end of April. After confirming the diagnosis of women at all took the test, they came in 10 days, one of the paramedics, the result was positive. And only after that the remaining colleagues put in quarantine and prior to the announcement of the diagnosis – worked as before.

Many doctors are afraid to speak the truth, post their salaries and provide working conditions incognito, without names, in order not to lose work in the current situation.

But many say that in may and if nothing changes will quit – life is more expensive.

Yaroslavl resuscitator Ilya Kulikov openly gave an interview where he told how much they receive.

“According to the report, more than 70 thousand, and in the case of 30 nurses in General 18. No allowances were not even of the may decrees of the President of 12-year are not met. The work is not scary, but sad. It’s a shame that we do not hear. Our problem is not yet resolved. Reaction to coronavirus is the failure of the entire health system. We are working on the inertia of the “peace time”, and now wellmust quite different decisions.”

So where’s the promised government money? After all, those certainly stand out?

I Want to believe the best supplements just has not yet reached some of the regions that we are talking about individual stocks, and not about what the money urgently someone scrolled.